12 December 2010

The Walking Dead Zombie Cake Pops

zombie cake pops
I realize that Halloween was a month or so ago, but for those of us who are fans of AMC's The Walking Dead, zombie season is now. (Although the show is on hiatus right now until late 2011). For the premiere of the show, me and my zombie loving boyfriend decided to make "zombie cake pops!"

welcome to winter!

Today is very cold and nasty outside. Absolutely awful really, and for the next few months its going to stay that way. Winter weather is one of the things I absolutely despise about living in the midwest. The sky is grey for long periods without a break and then when the sun finally decides to shine, the temperature is below freezing. I really can't imagine how people live farther north than Illinois. Craziness.

I'm sorry we missed fall on the blog. All the trees changing color- the lovely weather that lasted for quite awhile here. November was gorgeous which isn't something we can normally say. However, fall for me was extremely busy and stressful. Things are kind of winding down, a little so hopefully I'll have more time to blog during the holiday season.

~always, baby cat

26 September 2010

Chewy, Cruchy Oatmeal Cookies

crunchy chewy oatmeal cookies
About the weekend... last weekend in fact, when I was supposed to write this post... ugh. Whenever you only have one day for a weekend off from work, it's never long enough. There's barely time to figure out it's the weekend much less do anything about it. By the time you're done with breakfast you've realized "shoot, my weekend's almost over, today is it, and then tomorrow it's back to work, bright and early" (or in my case dark and early- 4 am is an obscene time to have to wake up).
the ingredients
Hopefully, you had a nice big yummy breakfast with all sorts of delightful things to eat. I'm not much a breakfast eater, myself. So there's no yummy Sunday morning meal for me. Truth be told most weekends I'm lucky to be up before lunch.

10 September 2010

I will post again....

Sorry for the hiatus. I've started a new job with long hours and only one day off, which means good pay, but not a lot of free time. Don't worry though, I'll be back soon. Hopefully this weekend.

26 August 2010


buckeyes from above
I know that some people are not going to want me to say this but.... it's almost fall. Granted officially summer doesn't end until late September, but for me summer ends when school begins. I know fall is coming when I start to have back to school nightmares. Forgotten tests, lost assignments, forgotten clothes... these are the essence of my dreams from the beginning of August until September starts. It doesn't matter if I'm going back to school or not, I still have the nightmares. But once the dreams settle down and fall really begins it's all about leaves and oranges and golds. One of our major goals for fall is to try and make it out to Ohio. I've only ever driven through but D assures me that I will love it. One distinctly Ohioan candy that I know I like is the buckeye.
buckeyes from the side

14 July 2010

Summer Reading

The Mystery at the Moss Covered Mansion
My reading habits are a bit unorthodox. For instance, normally I read one book straight through, like any normal sane person. However, this summer I have regionalized my books and my reading. I have a book that I read that's in my purse (in a protective ziplock of course), one that I read in the bathroom, one that I read in the bedroom, and for a while one that I read around the rest of the apartment. At one point, I was reading three books at one time.

Strangely enough, it wasn't as confusing as you'd think. I was able to pick up and put down the books at will and even remember the plots the minute I resumed reading. My simultaneous reading only became confusing when I was reading The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion (which is a Nancy Drew book for those of you who as yet are uninitiated) and The Clue in the Embers (which is a Hardy Boys book). In TMATMCM, Nancy meets a suspicious man named Ramo, a name that keeps coming up in relation to anything mysterious. In TCITE, the Hardy Boys are continually on the lookout for a man called Ramos or Ramas, who is very entangled in their current mystery. Based on the similarities, I thought that I found one of the lost Drew/Hardy connections. Had Leslie McFarlane (the most recognized ghost writer of the Hardy Boys) been involved with TMATMCM? Both books I was reading were the original 25 chapter text (not the later, shorter, versions of the books) so it wasn't a question of revising gone awry. I quickly went to google with my very own mystery and began to search.

As it turns out, I was a little off- okay maybe a lot off... TMATMCM was actually written by Mildred Wirt Benson (the main Nancy Drew ghost writer) and TCITE, was written by John Almquist (who also wrote the Hardy Boy's mystery The Secret of Pirate's Hill). Also, as I was skimming TCITE for this post, I realized there is no character named Ramos or Ramas in the book. I remember thinking about the similarities several times as I was reading the two books, but I have no idea how I got my evidence. Right now I'm still reading two books at the same time, but I've decided that's my limit. My summer brain cannot handle more than two plots at a time!