26 August 2010


buckeyes from above
I know that some people are not going to want me to say this but.... it's almost fall. Granted officially summer doesn't end until late September, but for me summer ends when school begins. I know fall is coming when I start to have back to school nightmares. Forgotten tests, lost assignments, forgotten clothes... these are the essence of my dreams from the beginning of August until September starts. It doesn't matter if I'm going back to school or not, I still have the nightmares. But once the dreams settle down and fall really begins it's all about leaves and oranges and golds. One of our major goals for fall is to try and make it out to Ohio. I've only ever driven through but D assures me that I will love it. One distinctly Ohioan candy that I know I like is the buckeye.
buckeyes from the side