26 September 2010

Chewy, Cruchy Oatmeal Cookies

crunchy chewy oatmeal cookies
About the weekend... last weekend in fact, when I was supposed to write this post... ugh. Whenever you only have one day for a weekend off from work, it's never long enough. There's barely time to figure out it's the weekend much less do anything about it. By the time you're done with breakfast you've realized "shoot, my weekend's almost over, today is it, and then tomorrow it's back to work, bright and early" (or in my case dark and early- 4 am is an obscene time to have to wake up).
the ingredients
Hopefully, you had a nice big yummy breakfast with all sorts of delightful things to eat. I'm not much a breakfast eater, myself. So there's no yummy Sunday morning meal for me. Truth be told most weekends I'm lucky to be up before lunch.

10 September 2010

I will post again....

Sorry for the hiatus. I've started a new job with long hours and only one day off, which means good pay, but not a lot of free time. Don't worry though, I'll be back soon. Hopefully this weekend.