12 December 2010

The Walking Dead Zombie Cake Pops

zombie cake pops
I realize that Halloween was a month or so ago, but for those of us who are fans of AMC's The Walking Dead, zombie season is now. (Although the show is on hiatus right now until late 2011). For the premiere of the show, me and my zombie loving boyfriend decided to make "zombie cake pops!"

red velvet cake balls
Since Bakerella is truly queen of the cake pops and we didn't deviate from her recipe and instructions that much, I'll send you over to her website if you'd like more directions. We used red velvet cake mix and cream cheese frosting.
ready to freeze
Then we made our cake balls into more of a skull shape and dipped them in different colors of almond bark.
vanilla almond bark
We proceeded to decorate with all the sprinkles, food coloring, candy, and coconut (for hair!!) that we could find.
zombie cake pops
It was pretty messy.
our mess
By the end though we had lots of zombies...
zombie cake pops
and even a few skulls and severed fingers. On some of them, I purposefully messed up the almond bark coating so you could see the red velvet "brains" inside.
a skull cake pop
It was a lot of fun and the cake pops were the hit of the premiere party we brought them to!
zombie cake pops

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